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Raised in North Carolina, Meech would ultimately decide to attend college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, playing NCAA Division 1 basketball for the school, while studying Business Administration.  After graduating there, he went on to pursue a Masters degree (M.B.A.) where he would finish his studies and become an MBA graduate. From there, he got signed to play basketball professionally in Australia, where he played 2 seasons before moving to New York City in the following offseason. Achieving success as a well-renowned international Professional Basketball Player was no walk in the park. He worked incredibly hard to perfect his craft, developing a genuine love for the game beginning in his childhood. In the process of becoming a professional athlete, Meech began to truly appreciate and embrace the fitness side of the process in building strong, fit, and healthy bodies. He took the knowledge he gained from, what is now more than a decade, of fitness and strength training and started helping others through personal training, where he became known as the "Toning Specialist".

"Life becomes fulfilling based on the amount of people you help and I certainly get enjoyment out of helping someone else feel comfortable in their own skin, which is why I got into fitness coaching."

Always eager for new opportunities to diversify, Meech ventured into modeling, originally being represented by Australian based Agency - WINK models - during his time in the land down under. And has since moved to NYC, signed with multiple NYC based modeling agencies, continues to build his portfolio, and works with a number of brands through modeling work, as well as, marketing partnerships and collaborations. Eventually Meech entered the acting world, went on to learn the art and skill of photography, founded an apparel brand, and launched a fitness app. 

Today and always, this multi-faceted entrepreneur, is continuing his passion for serving others, and building the brand that is MEECH.

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"You're always one decision away from a totally different life"


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